We provide our clients with most stylish, and matching Pagri`s for the Baraati`s & Groom. We also send Our Jodhpuri tying experts along to tie Pagri's . There are various methods to tie a safa, and we can help you keep it stylish yet traditional. We can customize the turban according to your liking and we assure you, we provide prompt delivery.

Welcome To Safa For Barati

We are a platform who are specializes in providing different types of turbans for weddings. We are a platform that is completely drenched in the Indian culture. We know that turban plays an important role when it comes to Indian weddings.

Different cultures have symbolic ‘pagris’ which determine their culture and these are also part of the marriage rituals in India. Therefore, we provide each and every type of pagris to our clients so that they can feel the part of the culture they want to behold in ceremonies like weddings and other rituals. We even have the designers to make the customized safa for our clients.

Wedding Safa For Groom, Barati in Delhi, Gurgaon, Noida

What Type Of Turbans Can We Provide?

Not many know that turbans or wedding safa are not meant only for the groom. The family members from the bride and groom’s side should also wear them so that they can be easily distinguished from the guests. Furthermore, there are turbans which are specially designed for guests, so there is a turban for everyone attending the wedding. The difference in the design pattern and style of the safas distinguishes the categories of people present in the family.

For instance, we design safa for groom’s costume. Our designers know how to do their work with finesse and they put their best foot forward to get the best-suited safa for from. For example, we have the broached turban for an elegant look, shiny decorated safa for a celebratory look, subtle colored safa for quietness and many more. From Rajasthani to Punjabi pagris , we are capable of designing all types of pagris for or clients.

Our Work

We at Safa For Barati understand the cultural needs of the people at weddings very well as far as it is concerned with the turbans. But we also keep up with the latest trends that emerge in weddings. According to the research by our team, we have recently found that there is uproar of turbans for females also. This is mainly due to the craze of turbans in Bollywood which have the songs showing actresses wearing the jazzy turbans in traditional and grooving songs.

Therefore, we have recently added the specifically designed turbans for girls. These are slim based and are not made using heavy clothing. The cloth can also be chosen by the clients as we are ready to make customized turbans for females as well. We made it using the bright and shiny shades so that it can go with any outfit. These turban styles have been embraced by all our previous clients and their feedback bear testimony to this. We know the customs and etiquettes in the realm of turbans and our price is also affordable. The quality that we give is also the reason that you should choose us for having the best turbans on your heads for your traditional ceremony.

Traditional Pearl Dulha Groom Mala Necklace for Men  delhi, gurgaon, noida

Traditional Pearl Dulha Groom Mala Necklace for Men  delhi, gurgaon, noida

wedding safa on rent in delhi, gurgaon, noida

wedding safa on rent in delhi, gurgaon, noida

wedding safa on rent in delhi, gurgaon, noida

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